My exhusband, who is an attorney, picks and chooses when and what he complies with in our parenting agreement. If he chooses not to let me talk to our children when they are with him, he just does not answer the phone and does not have them return my call. He also will place the children in the care of a third party caregiver and not let me know where they are or whose care they are in. When I ask where the children are and in whose care, he sometimes will tell me and other times he just does not respond to my request for this information. He demands that I keep him informed at all times if the children are not in my care and I do, even when they are in the care of my parents. The list just goes on and on. He just thinks he can do as he pleases and owes me no information or explanation. Can he be held in contempt? I hate to spend more money on legal fees, he has caused me to spend quite a lot of money already with all of his frivilous filings, but what am I to do? Do I continue to allow him to pick and choose what he will abide by or show him I really am serious about his compliance?


If your ex is continually and wilfully violating the order he can be held in contempt. I would suggest you file the motion and seek attorney’s fees as well.