Alienation of affection threats

I have recently been threatened with an alienation of affection the lawsuit verbally from the husband of a friend. Was told that he would make his wife walk out with nothing as a adulteress and sue me for several million dollars which he says he knows I don’t have. Also said he would own me forever and own my kids. Threats to call my employer to get me fired. Very abusive man who has made several life threats to his wife and myself. There is much proof and counseling to prove that their marriage was a full of controlling bullying and fear driven treats. Also told me to quit my job as I work near his wife and if I don’t he would sue and he said he has three years. This conversation happened with his wife on the phone also. The wife admitted to adultry and said it was a mistake and they were going to work it out. He claimed the same. Grounds for a suit of this type are what. Thank you for you help. I feel certain the husband has phone and textbook transcripts that may have been illegally gotten as well.

Edit. Just been made aware of more serious threats for phone passwords etc

We have a comprehensive article about Infidelity and Alienation of Affection that you should consider reading. To succeed on such a claim, this man will need to prove he and his spouse were happily married and a genuine love and affection existed between them, that the love and affection was alienated and destroyed, and that
the wrongful and malicious acts of the defendant produced the alienation of affection. If you have an affair with a married person you certainly open up yourself to liability under this tort, although you will have the opportunity to defend yourself.

If he has illegally obtained evidence of this affair he could face liability under state and federal wiretapping laws.