Separation and Alienation of Affection


Good Evening,
First let me apologize because this post is a little on the long side.
I graduated Nursing school in 2007 and took a job working 7p-7a. Prior to this I had friends ask me about the relationship between my husband and a female coworker. I never thought anything about it. While I was working nights, I noticed a change. The typical things, grooming, new underwear, protecting his phone. Well, shortly after his birthday 6/08, I found a couple of emails from this female coworker. She was asking if he was alone and so on. I changed jobs to work days. In the process, I was charged with a $5000.00 bill because I did not stay through my contract period.
Well, to shorten this story- we were working on the marriage (me more than him) but the emails and texts continued. Due to this womans influence, the relationship between our daughter and her father deteriorated. She was dealing with bullying at school and his new “rules”. She died by suicide 4/10. We were scheduled to leave 10days later to renew our vows.
The trip was postponed until November. We renewed our vows and had a wonderful time. What I did not realize is this woman was still emailing and texting him. On multiple occasions I had emailed her to ask her to back off. She pursued my husband knowing he was married. Her husband is out of state all week for work.
After the background… I have multiple and I mean MULTIPLE emails/texts between my husband and her as well as between myself, her and my husband. These are pretty damning emails…
Would that be enough to prove alienation of affection? Also, Does it matter that most of her assets are owned by her and her husband?

Looking forward to a response.



I would also like to state that we have been married for 21 yrs. We renewed our vows in Antigua in November of 2010.
When he left, I was making dinner and told him about my personal counseling appt. We we going through marriage counseling and personal counseling.
I told him that now matter what changes I made, I was still confronted with negative and sarcastic remarks. When we sat down, I asked him if he was planning on leaving. He said yes. He would move into the spare bedroom and we would work things out from there. Note: I lost my job 4 days prior.
He never came home that night. He only came back to get clothes and what furniture I would let him have. He has a bass boat. We have 3 tackle boxes of bass fishing tackle and he has a toolbox full of tools for his career (aircraft mechanic). He is now the service manager so he doesn’t use these tools very often.
I am tired of being a doormat for these two! He won’t even tell me where he moved. He said he did not want me to STALK him. If I wanted to STALK him, I could do it from his job!
I am pissed off and frustrated.
I am not perfect but I don’t deserve this!


It definitely sounds like you could have a case for Alienation of Affection. This will be doubly troublesome for the paramour since she herself is married. For you to succeed in this claim, you will need to prove that you had a happy marriage and that but for the acts of this third party, the marriage, and the affection in the marriage would have remained intact. To make filing such a lawsuit worthwhile, you should make sure that this third party is not judgment-proof, i.e. they need to have assets, income, that will make them worth suing. Your judgment can reach her marital assets (but not her husband’s separate ones) as well. A family law attorney can handle your case.