Alienation of Affection

I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this topic. My ex left me for my next door neighbor and eventually moved in with him and then married him just a couple days after our divorce was official. We were close and had a nice marriage for nine years before we moved in to our new house. After a couple months of moving in she became more distant from me and she started treating me like a stranger. Our marriage was never like that before hand and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Im not sure if I have a case or if its worth pursuing but I would be interested in hearing a professional opinion about it. Thanks for your time.

To sustain an action for alienation of affection you must show that love and affection existed between you and your spouse, and that actions of the 3rd party alienated that love and affection. Concrete evidence, like notes, cards, photos, etc., or an admission, would help move the case along.

I do have cards/notes from her and pictures and also witnesses of her love for me and the changes in her from when we moved into our new home next to the neighbor she left me for. What are my options or next move?

If you have legal seperation papers in NC can you date? I have heard that my ex-husband can still get me for adultery or alienation of affection,.

Well, your options/next move would be to pursue the action yourself, or hire an attorney to help you.

I just finished reading a some posts. I ve been married now 2 years to a professor and i ve caught him several times with different students. Maybe a year ago i reported it to the chair of the department and nothing was done. I even brought another student with me that sworn he wanted her too.I gave the chair a list of names and i was never informed of nothing. I forgave him for alot of things. He puts me out so he can have an affair then sucks me right back in. I kw i shouldve walked along time ago, but i loved him enough to stay. Well, one of the girls graduated from the school in May and i caught her at our home and my husband wouldn’t let me in. I had the garage opener and he turned the power off so i couldnt get in. I knew it was her because i saw her car and wrote down her license plate tag down. He called the police and told them i was an intruder…the officer made me leave my home. See the flip side of this story is i was a student too, but he told me he was separated and the next thing i know he had papers of the divorce. which i later found out that wasn’t true from hes ex wife. He threaten her to backdate the divorce papers so he it would seem he was separated more than a year. I’ve learned over the years this is what he does prey on his students. I was wondering if i could sue the school as well, Get alimony, and alienation of affection? This time i’m done! Please reply

Ryan detailed what you would need to prove for an alienation of affection suit against your husband’s new girlfriend. Whether you have an action against the school, is not a family law matter, but I can’t think of an action you could bring against them, as I don’t believe they owed you a duty to stop your husband from sleeping with his students. Whether you are eligible for alimony requires a determination that you are a dependent spouse.