Alienation of Affection Help

Boy. Yoi are not concerned about the fact that you are the cause of a marriage being destroyed. You are concerned about being sued. If he were actually going to leave his wife he would respect you and wait until he did so and then start a relationship with you. You would respect yourself and make him wait.

The marriage being destroyed had nothing to do with me. Yes my concerns are to protect myself, I didn’t pursue him, he indicated the marriage was over, she confirmed he was no longer there, but the law in NC is different from what I’ve been told until all legality is formalized. So let me rephrase my questions _ I live in a state that does not recognize alienation of affection and he in NC where it does apply - would it apply in these circumstances?? As for respect, I do respect myself which is why I’m determining what I should do, this was not planned and is a very delicate situation.

I need some help here please…I began relationship with a man who resides in North Carolina and I reside in a state that does not recognize alienation of affection. Our relationship has been very old friends (15 yrs)and grew closer due to my current divorce and his claim of leaving his wife. I spoke with her on several occassions when he was missing in action and she confirmed he was gone. He came to my home state and well one thing lead to another. Do I run the risk of being sued for this - should I cease any further contact with this man who has been a good friend for years? Any help would be greatly appreciated.