Alienation of Affection lawsuit

I just received a summons for an alienation of affection lawsuit. A co-worker/friend is going through a divorce and his wife is trying to sue me and I would like to know if she has any grounds to stand on? I worked and was friends with her husband before they even had met. They dated for one month got married and another month later Him and I deployed together because we were in the same unit. While out there he complained numerous times that she was evil and he didn’t want to be with her but i encouraged him to wait til he got back and work on their marriage. When we got back he said he still wasn’t happy but he is going to try to work on his marriage. A few times we did go out with friends but to my knowledge his wife was aware and on occasion she had joined us. I had asked him specifically if she was okay with us being friends and hanging out because I did not want to cause any problems between them. He replied by telling my he talked to his wife and she is okay with us being friends because she has friends also. I was planning her baby shower because he told me she didn’t have any family or friends in NC, so I agreed to do it because him and I were friends. A few days before the baby shower she calls me and asks if anything was going on between her husband and myself and I told her NO. I asked if she was uncomfortable with our friendship and she said yes, so i told her i would not talk to him anymore but talk to her about the baby shower. He called me to try and apologize to me for the way his wife was being but besides that I had no contact with him except for at work. She took it to our commands with all her so-so called evidence, (which is phone calls and emails that only show a friendship was there, that she was aware of when she met and married him) and an investigation was done and it was proven to be false accusations. Since that happened I have not had contact with him or her and as far as i know they are still going through a divorce or are already divorced. I just received the summons today and I need to know if I need to get a lawyer and does she have any grounds to stand on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To sustain an action for alienation of affection she must show that love and affection existed between her and her spouse, and that your actions alienated that love and affection. In addition to your testimony, the success, or failure, of this claim will depend on the testimony of his wife and co-workers. You should probably consult with a local attorney.