Question about the law of Alienation of Affection!


Dear justme26:

Greetings. Anyone can be sued for alienation of affection if they actively seek to destroy the love and affection between husband and wife. If you have told your friend that she should leave her husband, actively participated in conduct to alienate your friend from her husband, etc., then you may be sued under this law. I think it is doubtful that would happen though, as alienation of affection is an expensive lawsuit to file against someone. Best of luck.

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Hi. My friend left her husband this weekend. They had an arguement and he said he was packing and leaving and she said no that she would leave and that he could have the place so said then leave. She took him at his word and left (they have been having problems for months now). We have become very good friends during this time. He doesn’t like me very much because of a friend of his. Since they started having problems I have always told her she needed to work things out with her husband. Always trying to get her to work it out. Though she wanted to leave. When she left he assumed she was with me - she wasn’t. Though we ended up at the same place. He caught her and took pictures of her dancing with someone else whom she has been talking to - they haven’t slept togather or anything just talking from what I understand. The picture he took also had me in it - I was dancing with a friend of mine. She has gone out with me dancing a few times in the past couple of months but always went home. A few times she has gone and done other things by herself telling him she was with me (though I was no where around - and was always with someone else). My sister has told me that her husband could sue me for breaking up a marriage. I don’t see how this is because she didn’t leave him for me. I haven’t done anything but be friends with her. But my sister said her husband could sue me because she was with me - though she wasnt she didnt go with me or leave with me. that I was there and have been going out with her. I want to know if this is possible or what can happen with this. who can be sued or not. Thank you. JK