Quesiton with alienation of affection law


My friend left her husband of 5 years this past weekend. He caught her at a club dancing with another man and took pictures. They had gotten into a arguement (been having problems for a while) this weekend and he said he was packing and leaving - she said no i will leave you can have this place - so he told her to leave and she did!! She did not go there with me and did not leave there with me. Though when he took her picture with the man he also got one of me dancing with a friend of mine. My sister said he could sue me for breaking up a marriage. I don’t see how that could be. She did not leave him for me and the whole time I have been trying to get her to work things out with her husband. Though I guess he believes different - he thinks I am the bad guy here or something. Is there anyway I can be sued?