Alienation of affection

Dear Robert Dean:

No, you cannot sue your spouse for alienation of affection. You can sue the third party lover for alienation of affection.

Stop condoning this behavior. If you make more money than your spouse and you continue to condone her behavior, you may end up paying her alimony. Do what is best for you right now, even if it is hard to do!

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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June 10, 2004

I have been dealing with an unfaithful mate and a third party who knows that the mate is married. The third party has acknowledged to me that it was know that the party was married, but it did and does not matter. I, the mate of the unfaitful mate have been dealing with this situation for the past (4) years and just recently found that the third party is still in the picture and refuses to go away or let go. I want to know If I can file a suit for alienation of affection against the mate and the thid party the third party refuses to leave the picture. Even if I decide to end a 33 year marriage and walk away for the sake of my future health, these person need to be made liable for their actions and the pain and suffering they have caused.

I have had a miserable last 4 years and I have decided for medical reasons and my sanity that I must do something. Stress has taken over my life. I have been in thrapy for sometime now. I don’t sleep. I am going bald. I worry 24/7, I have lost over 25lbs, I am on medication and My health is in jeapardy. Help. Please advise.

Spouse in need

Robert Dean