Unusual Alienation of Affection question


When my husband married me, his ex was very angry. There was not an affair or anything sordid like that, she was just angry at him remarrying. 3 months after we were married she began withholding visitation and filed a custody suit full of false allegations against me, the judge issued a temporary order. We went to court, went through psych evals, she was unable to support her allegations, a year later she begged for settlement, but we were unable to just go back to normal visitation because of the temporary order, so she found another way to manipulate things…short of it is, 3 years later, my husband has not seen his children in 15 months, he has gone through a nervous breakdown, we are 80k in debt and our marriage is hanging by a thread. She has stated from the beginning that she would let him see if his kids if he divorced me.

Here is my question, even though he did not have an affair with her, her malicious actions and legal games have caused irreparable damage to our marriage and financially to me. Can I sue her for alienation of affection?



Yes, a third party who destroys the affection in a marriage does not necessarily have to have had a romantic relationship with the aggrieved’s spouse.