Alienation of Affection


I need to know if I have a case for Alienation of Affection or not. A few years back my wife started talking to someone on the internet juast as friends. They have talked on the phone many hours, they have met a few times. He keeps sending messages on yahoo. I did not want to take this to court but I am fearful that his constant involvement will lead to a divorce. Does it have to lead to a divorce before I can sue him. He even wrote a book about there relatinship. This book mensions me and I did not give him permision to write it. It talks about their whole relationship. He has professed his love for her many times. I have agreed to forgive my wife and try to work out our marriage but it will cost money for counsleing and causes me emotional stress daily. We have ask him to leave us alone but he will not. So since he will not allow it to go away I will sue him for alination of affection if I can. We have a 4yr daughter and the reason I haven’t taken him to court already is becuase she will have to suffer through all of this also. please let me know if I have a case