Alienation of Affection

I am separating from my wife soon and am looking to charge her lover with Alienation of Affection. I have her admitting to sleeping with him, and i quote her own words "I’ve had a change of heart"
Is this enough to charge the third party?
Also she knows of my intentions and says that she has evidence against me stating that I wasn’t trying my hardest to make the marriage thrive. She would not say exactly what she has but I assume that it is either emails or messages from female friends of mine. Would something of the sort hurt my case against her lover if I were able to charge him with Alienation of Affection?

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not an attorney

You do realize that pursuing alienation of affection is quite expensive and rarely pays off, right? It will costs thousands of dollars, and getting an action in your favor is often hard. These cases are hard to prove. Even if you do “win,” unless the 3rd party is extremely wealthy, it’s unlikely you’ll get any money.

Generally, the cost and the stress isn’t worth it…best to move on and save your money.

No two alienation of affections suits are the same, and being successful in a claim for alienation of affection is dependent on many factors. Addressing two factors, out of the context of the whole picture, is inappropriate. You would be best served by contacting our office and scheduling a consultation to meet with an attorney to discuss your claims fully and determine if pursuing an action is the right course of action for you.