Alienation or Criminal Conversation

Well, you have to make a decision. Do you want out of a marriage that your wife does not seem to want? You have tried once to reconcile and you now said you’ve had enough.

If you want to persue AofA or CC then you need evidence. Pictures, confession. Do you wish to go through the steps to sue the other guy?

If you want to end the marriage, then have a lawyer draw up a separation agreement. Having kids throws another element in there as far as who goes with who. I PERSONALLY would spend my money on getting good advice from a lawyer first. If you think persuing an AoA or CC suit is worth it later, you technically have 3 years to do that from what I understand. I would concentrate on my kids and dividing things up first. Lawsuits are expensive…so be prepared if that is the route you go.

I have actually got a confession from the other guy. He admitted to meeting her and talking about there relationship as well as ours. Personally I do not want to pursue anything but he is being a little hard to get along with and I would be willing to go after him. This way will be legal instead of a physical confrontation. I am really hurt by this because it came from no where. I really don’t know which way to turn.

The possible end of a marriage always hurts. Sometimes it is a surprise, sometimes it’s not…and we just live in denial. You can’t prevent the hurt…but it will fade with time.

However, this conflict is not between you and this other man, the conflict is between you and your wife. The fact that he is hard to get along with (do you mean violent?) should have no bearing on the situation between you and her…he’s just being an ass. You and she have to decide between yourselves (if you can) what the future holds. If it is to part, then get legal counsel so you go through the proper steps. Get through that stuff first, THEN decide if you want to persue the other aspect with the other guy. If it is to remain together, then you will need counseling to deal with the mistrust and the reasons she strayed in the first place.



Mrs. Fritts

can i sue my wife under the alienation of affection?

Since I’m having a problem posting a new topic I’ll post it in yours, How long does it takes for Child Support Enforcement to enforce payment on the defendant, the order was given in Sept 06 and I haven’t recieved a payment yet and the enforcement agency has had all documentation since Sept 06. this is Durham Count I’m talking about.

Dear heavyd48:

Greetings. First, I love Heavy D - the original singer/rapper - such creative lyrics. Okay, you may have a claim of alienation of affection against this fellow. You should speak with an attorney and send a letter.

What is BTTT? Everytime you post like that you push yourself down the list, not up it.

singlefather - no you cannot sue your wife, only her boyfriend.


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If anyone can answer I would appreciate it. My story is a little different in that my wife of 18 years started going over to our next door neighbors house every evening and drinking, sometimes very heavily. Our neighbors have been married for a while and would always have a friend of theirs over also at the same time. I confronted her when she came home one morning at 4:00 AM and she sasid they were all just sitting around talking. I let it go at that time and soon he was coming over to my home and fixing little things and just coming to talk. Well about six months ago I got the hunch there was more to the story so I had a friend of mine follow my wife after work. She went to a church/graveyard to meet this other person. My friend called me and I sped to the location and on the way called my wife to see where she was. She said she was on her way home and told me an exact location where she was. As I was pulling into the church I told her she was lying and that I was right beside her. She had nothing to say. He had already left at that time and I followed him and got him to pull off the side of the road. Needless to say I was rather mad so after the initial confrontation(nothing physical) he told me that they had been meeting for about three weeks but it was nothing sexual. My wife then pulled up and I left the area to go back home to my two kids who were with their Grandfather. When she got home we talked and she said she thought our marriage was over to which I said do you think. After a few weeks(she never left nor did I) she came to me and stated she wanted to make our marriage work. I took the offer and everything went very well until December. I took a look at her cell phone records in February and she had called him 40 times in January and they had met (by coincidence) in Wal-Mart a few times. She is now wanting to leave the marriage again and I am completely fed up with what she has put my children and myself through. Friends of ours are even asking what is going on because they saw her at the store walking around with some guy. What can I do about this. I am not wealthy but am willing to find money. Thank you for your reponse.