Alimony...can I request?

Can I request Alimony, let us say for $1100.00 a month for next 3 years, even though I worked a job in the marriage but was still dependent spouse because my soon to be ex-spouse makes 3.5 times the amount I do. Let’s say I made $40k and soon to be ex-spouse makes $150k per year. I assisted in care for children and helped soon to be ex-spouse with support of pre-mature child as well as helping that spouse get higher education in an MBA which accelerated career and moved to several locales throughout country supporting that spouses climb up corporate ladder…needing advice on alimony…please let me know what is normally seen in regards to alimony and how to calculate a fair and reasonable request from the court. Thank you for your time.

If you are actually and substantially dependent on your spouse’s income to maintain your standard of living, you may file a claim for alimony. The actual amount will depend on what each of your actual expenses once separated.