Alimony claims


You cannot sue him for a new award of alimony due to the waivers in the agreement, however since your ex discontinued alimony that was pursuant to a separation agreement you may take him back to court on a breach on contract action to seek payments he failed to make, and any that are still due and owing under the agreement. Your agreement may even contain a provision which entitles you to an award of attorney


I do have some questions in reference of my alimony. I was married for over 16 years to an army from November 8, 1989 to March 5, 2005. We got separated July 1999 and we both signed the legal separation agreement of Fayetteville North Carolina. On the agreement he supposed to pay me alimony of $974 monthly. He went to Germany for a few months and got out the army on 2002. As far as paying me, it did stop because he needed to get on his feet. Now he is making enough money to pay me back.
How can we settle this issue? Is there a possibility for him to pay me back till we got divorced. The divorce was finalized March 2005 in Georgia. Do I have right to re-appeal the alimony since the divorce waived all the the marital rights and claims, including but not limited to alimony, year’s support and any rights of inderitance pursuant to the laws of intestracy.
Both of us are in overseas right now. He is in Okinawa, Japan as a civilian and I am here station in Korea serving the USArmy. Please let me know what is the next step for me and him to settle the issue.