I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s behavior. How disappointed you must be after such a long marriage and raising two children together. If your husband has abandoned the marital residence and is not providing financial support to you and your children, I suggest that you consult legal counsel immediately to try negotiating a separation agreement that provides for child custody and support; post-separation support/alimony and property division of marital assets. If your husband is not willing to voluntarily agree to provide support, you may need to pursue him in court.

You cannot “sue your husband for adultery.” Divorce in North Carolina is based upon a one year separation only. Fault does not matter with regard to divorce. However, if one spouse has committed marital misconduct (including illicit sexual behavior, such as adultery) this may come into play with regard to whether a court will award alimony. Additionally, you may be able to sue the “other woman” for criminal conversation and/or alienation of affection. More information on these causes of action can be found on our website:

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I have been married 17 yrs and in that time the husband was active duty military and he went oversea’s for an unaccompied tour and pick up with a lady oversea’s and told me of the affair Nov1,2000 upon returning he retired after 20 yrs of service but only to continue having another affair with a lady for a year and told me recently and he moved out of the house to go and be with her…We have 2 kids ages 15 and 16…I have no job as he always told me we could live off of his income…I am here now no job renting a home and been told I can sue him for adultery…I need help in getting the divorce is there such place I can go to for help???