Alimony help

I was married for a few days short of twenty-five years plus together for an additional two years before that. We were married in 1978 and I was permanently disabled in 1988 due to a motor vehicle accident. While I was able to work as an RN, I helped put my ex-husband through college as I always worked full time and he worked part-time and attended college full-time.
In August 2001, my ex-husband took an extended job in Houston, Texas. The problem is that he essentially abandoned me. I was served with divorce papers in March 2002 from Texas; he stated that he became a Texas resident. After receiving divorce papers, I went to an attorney in Troy, NC to stop the divorce. She only worried about me “preserving my NC rights”. So that language was included in the Texas divorce. I was then divorced in November 2002.
In the summer of 2002 Jack told me that he would pay me $1250-$1500 per month in alimony, but did not remember this later!
After attempting to sell our home for years, it was foreclosed upon in June 2005 because it did not sell. In 2006, we had a “settlement” and in August 2006 I went to an attorney in Stanly County, NC where I was living at the time to help with alimony. She stated that because of the “Stark case” I was not eligible for alimony. After threatening him with “$1000/mth” he started paying me $300 in August, then increased it himself to $400/mth for Sept.,Oct.,Nov.,Dec., skipped January and paid February. I did receive anything further.
As of January 2007, I am living in Florida and have been told that I cannot get Alimony in Florida because he has never lived here. Thank you for your help!

I cannot speak to Florida law, and apologize that I cannot answer your question as to whether or not you can pursue alimony.

Under NC law can I file because we were living there when we got divorced?
Thank you for your time!

Based on the facts, NC does not have jurisdiction of the case.