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A court may grant you alimony if it finds that you are substantially dependent upon your spouse. However, you need to file for alimony before the divorce is granted. It is very important that you seek an attorney’s help before the divorce.

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I’ve been married for 38 yrs, separated for 11 yrs. (I’m 66 and he’s 64 yrs old.) My husband has continued to pay the monthly rent and medical insurance since he left. He is now seeking a no fault divorce. He says that the money he has been paying for my rent each month is my alimony. Would the courts see that his way too, or would I be entitled. to more alimony. I have never asked him for anything since he left. He also has a retirement plan (which is his only income) and I know that I am entitled to one half but, I don’t quite understand. Does he give me half his check or does the company for which he worked distribute my half. Any information will be greatly appreciated