Alimony payments after filing for divorce

I have been married for 20 years, divorced for 6.5 years, only worked the first 5 years. I raised the kids full time. My husband paid for the uncontested divorce because I had no income and he said I don’t get alimony because we have debt. I didn’t want to rock the boat because he is emotionally abusive. The kids are old enough now to be out of the line of fire. I now want to file for alimony and part of his pension. The attorney no longer practices law, he may have gotten disbared.

The day the divorce was finalized he proposed to his girl friend of 4 years which I didn’t know he had a girl friend.

Instead of paying child support he paid the rent.

I am now living with my 19 year old son. I have no income. How do I go about filing for alimony and/or part of his pension or other payments I may be eligible for?

I am not a lawyer so dont take what I say to heart but… I think you have waited way too long. He screwed you out of alimony and part of his pension, it sounds like. Wait for a lawyer to respond to see what you might be entitled to. I have read if your ex spouse was hiding assets from you you can go after the ex’s assests that were being hidden. Sounds like you were afraid of him so you may have a case. I hope you do! Best Wishes!!

You have to file for alimony and equitable distribution before final judgment of divorce is entered. If you failed to do that then your claims are lost.

Thank you for your response. There was a lot of emotional abuse in the marriage. I called the police but they said they can’t do anything. You can’t talk any sense into a crazy person. Not to upset him I walked away from a lot of money and I would do it again. Money is just that. The children have no emotional scars and are thriving. I have no regrets.

You have a good attitude, cl555. It sounds like you set a good example for your children.