my wife has been threatening divorce with every argument lately…she keeps bringing up that she would get tons in support and alimony. I had an affair almost 10 years ago, we have moved several times since then, and reconciled. Is this something that can be used against me??..I have remained faithful ever since but with every friendship with any female she suspects something is going on…

I think that because the affair happened so long ago, and you remained together, that essentially your wife forgave you and it cannot be used against you (I believe legally this is called “condonation”). However, you may still owe alimony based on income disparity or if she is the dependent spouse. If you both made about the same amount of money then you would not owe her alimony. Alimony is based on her reasonable needs and your ability to pay.

If you have children, and you are the supporting spouse then you may owe child support. You can use the calculator on this site to see how much you would pay.

After 10 years your wife would most likely be seen as having forgiven the affair, and therefore it cannot be used against you. You may very well still have an alimony obligation,

I was granted a divorce in November 2007 in South Carolina. However, before the divorce I had to flee my home with my three children in November 2002, leaving joint property. Because my ex still live in North Carolina the judge granted the divorce but stated he did not have jurisdiction to hear the issues of child support, alimony, equitable division and attorney fees. The divorce was granted on statutory ground adultery and I was given sole custody of our children. I currently receive child support.
QUESTION: Is there a statute of limitations on alimony, equitable division, and attorney fees?
Is there a pro se process with forms and directive that your firm offers to file for alimony, equitable division and attorney fees?
To resolve the remaining issues costs money that I do not have, do you have any suggestion on an inexpensive way to resolve the remaining issues?

If there are no pending claims by the time the divorce is granted then you lose your rights for alimony.

After divorce the claims for Equitable Distribution and Alimony are no longer viable.