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Question 1: No, since you have reconciled, she has condoned the affair in my opinion. Remember though, alimony is a financial determination. We look at the finaces of the parties to ensure that alimony is appropriate.

Question 2: Sure, you can “hold her accountable” for abandonment, but I am wondering what you think that will look like. Holding her accountable may mean that you send her a letter reminding her she has committed abandonment. Abandonment is just one of the faults that factor into alimony, and in my opinion, not very useful. My advice is that you stop focusing on the “fault” aspects of the marriage and separation, and focus on the financial ones. That will save you a lot of time and money long term.

Question 3: Gifts to you alone, received by someone other than your spouse, are not marital property.

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Hello Janet… I have been reading your forum daily and find it very informative. I have a few questions about NC laws.
A little background information: Married going on 3 years. No children(unless you count the dog and cat). I had an affair 11 months ago. She took me back(begged me to come back) into the house. I busted my rump to make things right between us. Six weeks ago we had a knock down drag out verbal fight. She made a conscience desision to move out.

Question 1: Can she hold the affair against me for alimony since she took me back into the house?

Question 2: Can I hold her accountable for abandoment since she made the desision to leave?

As I understand the law, she is not entitled to anything that I received as a gift. Am I correct in that understanding?

Thank you in advance for any thing you can tell me.