Alimony payments

Am I able to put an end to my alimony payments if my spouse is working.
i have to currently pay for 13 years, it has been 7 so far and he is now working. If not, am i able to modify it easily?

You can modify alimony which is outlined in a court order based on a substantial change in circumstances (ie: your spouse obtaining employment). You will have to file a motion to modify and schedule the matter for hearing.
If alimony is outlined in a contract it is non-modifiable.

what Constitutes qualifying alimony? is it ultimately up to the judge?
I make $32k he makes $70k +
married for 14.5 years… of which i worked part time for the last 2 and full time the last 6 months…in order to be able to folow thru with the needed separation… but the 12 years prior to that i was a stay at home mom

In order for alimony to be awarded there must be a dependant spouse, one who is actually and substantially dependant on the other spouse to maintain his or her standard of living. The other spouse must be found to be what is called a supporting spouse who has the ability to pay the dependant spouse alimony. Normally in situations with an income disparity as you listed alimony is awarded.