Alimony question


Dear Mr. Bombastic:

My answer is maybe…alimony is based on the financial needs of the parties, not how well they did in their respective positions. Depending on the length of the marriage, age of the parties, education, fault, etc. alimony is awarded or denied. Just because your wife is lazy, if you allowed her to maintain that lifestyle during the marriage and supported her, then you may have to support her with alimony after the date of separation. The key is to look at all the factors, not just one. Best of luck.

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I am working both a full-time job and a part-time job often over 70 hours a week. I have asked my wife for a separation. She has a long list of things(including our only car) she wants as well as at least 500 a month in Alimony.

If she has not worked for the better part of a year and refuses to work now and I can proove that she was not playing the part of housewife, dishes and clothes unwashed, unkept apartment, myself doing 90% of the shopping, as well as oftentimes having to prepare my own meal after I come home from an 8AM-11PM day working 2 jobs. Does she really have a leg to stand on?