Alimony reduction/modification

It all depends on how long was the alimony ordered. If the alimony was ordered indefinitely, then with a “significant change of circumstances” the court would have the discretion to modify the original order. Significant changes would include an increase or decrease of either person’s salary. If the order was for a limited period of time, it would be a little harder. Basically, your circumstances would dictate whether or not asking for a modification would be worthwhile. Talk with an attorney. Considering the amount of money you’re paying in alimony, attorney’s fees might be a good investment.

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Can you ever get your alimony reduced/modified?
If so what are the conditions to which a judge would consider. I was left with $1,000 a month to live on and my ex gets $3,000 a month plus a 3% increase every year. I am over 50 and have had to acquire a second job just to make ends meat(for 5 years now). My ex has a good job and makes about 60,000 a year plus what I give her and I around 85,000 with my one job. I am having a difficult time working around 15 hours everyday just to maintain a poor living. I don’t mind paying alimony it’s just the amount that is basically killing me. Any suggestions?