Alimony Request from Another Country

As additional information, when the wife first moved back to Mexico, they agreed that the husband would send her $1600 per month. He did so until October. Would that help determine the support amount?

The most important question, however, is whether she should file for alimony through an attorney in Mexico or if we can work with an attorney here in NC either on her behalf or contacting her by telephone.

A friend of mine from Mexico married another Mexican here ten years ago. They have no children. Slightly over a year ago, she returned to Mexico to help her mother. Her husband told me it would be hard having her so far away, but he would be joining her after working here a few more years. I saw her and her mother in September and she was looking forward to his promised visit in December.

He was her sole support, and sent her support payments until October, about the time he started staying with his new girlfriend most nights. Recently, he filed for an absolute divorce in a petition containing many lies, such as that they are both county residents, that her address here is one where she never lived (that of her sister), and that they separated for the purpose of ending the marriage.

At this point she does not wish to contest the divorce petition. Equitable Distribution is not a problem. She does, however, want to file for alimony so that it is at least pending on the date of the divorce decree. (She has not yet been served with the civil summons, which was refused last week here by her sister.)

What are her options for filing for alimony? Can we hire an attorney here on here behalf, or does she need to hire one in Mexico? She cannot travel here, as neither of them has papers, and she has little money. And if she does file, what are the chances he would have to pay her attorney