Alimony trial

My trial for alimony involved submitting affidavits along the same line of the PSS trial, but it did no good as the judge reduced my amounts…both child support and the PSS amount. The judge refused to hear the issue of adultery or at least, that is what my lawyer told me. Although my affidavit was virtually the same as the PSS affidavit, the judge gave my affidavit no weight whatsoever and based my expenses totally on the amount of allowance I received from the ex during the marriage. At the PSS trial (same judge), my lawyer said the judge had made the statement that my ex certainly couldn’t live off what he expected me to. My ex’s affidavit indicated he needed twice as much to live as the judge “awarded” me. My ex’s house payment is more than the amount of alimony I receive. I also did not get 50% of the property. Judge awarded a physician more of the property than an out of work for 20 years school teacher. I hope you have better luck and I hope you have the same judge as the one who decided your PSS amount. Adultery is supposed to play a role in the amount, BUT only if it can be proven that you are a dependent spouse. Good luck as you just don’t ever know what the Court is going to do.

During the alimony trial each party will submit affidavits of their income and expenses. Each party will then testify about their respective incomes and ability to work. During the trial they will introduce evidence regarding marital fault committed by each party and the judge will weigh all the factors they deem to be relevant in determining a child support amount.

The vast majority of cases do settle outside of court and some do settle on the day of the trial.

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How is the alimony trial conducted? Is it like the PSS and financial affadavits are examined to determine need? Or is the marriage itself discussed and marital fault brought out? If the supporting spouse is cohabitating does his girl friend usually get supoened? Does usually the supporting spouse who is in marital fault with adultery usually like to settle prior to court to avoid the judge granting a higher alimony based on adultery or is marital fault not considered as important as simple need of the dependent spouse?