My lawyer says the judge I have is very well known for not awarding alimony, and while she will try, she doesn’t know if it will happen with this judge.

Married 26 yrs, I was a stay at home mom who worked the office end of our business. He makes about 100k per yr.

He walked out, I found a part time job, that then did go full time… 32 hrs, and make about 25k.

I am in the home which needs a total new roof and paint to the tune of 20k, house worth about 180, and paid for.

He is living with his girlfriend who I can prove he gave part of our business to before moving out.

I have a female roommate to make ends meet, but she has to move to be with her pregnant daughter who is in the service. My mom has also been giving me money every month just to get by.

I thought I had read somewhere that with adultry the judge HAD to award alimony?

The law says that if a supporting spouse committed adultery the court shall award alimony.

Isn’t NC a no fault state?

With respect to the actual divorce yes, but fault is considered in Alimony cases.