I have a few questions concerning my separation and divorce. First some information. I am 39 years old, married to my husband for 21 years. Recently found out he was having multiple affairs going back for at least 5 years. We have 3 children and I’ve always been a housewife and never worked. We’ve been separated since April and he has been depositing money into a joint account weekly. Our mediation was scheduled for the 12th of August. Received a phone call from my lawyer telling me that he has lost the engine on his rig and is unable to keep his job. I believe this to be a lie. Now mediation has been canceled and my lawyer has filed a complaint with the court. I am supposed to start college courses on the 19th. It was in preparation for becoming employable. I cannot attend classes and work and home school my 15 yr old. So my question is will he be forced to pay me alimony through court? Will the alimony go by what he was making before he decided to quit his job? And if he refuses to pay now and I am awarded alimony through court will he have to “catch up” what he didn’t pay me between now and then? This is really stressful and I appreciate any help.

It certainly sounds like you are eligible to receive alimony, but your attorney is better equipped to answer questions about the amount and duration of the obligation so you can plan for school, work, etc. accordingly.