Dear nwkltl:

Greetings. It sounds like they are trying to “wear you down.” My suggestion is to set the alimony trial yourself. It is highly unlikely that she will receive alimony based on the facts stated below, but you may also want to look at the cost-benefit analysis. Would it be better to pay her some alimony and avoid the attorney fees?

There is no great solution when you are dealing with a manipulative person who is using the legal system, except to meet it head on by having the hearing. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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My husband’s ex-wife is after alimony. I am wondering what her chances are of getting it. They were married for 5 years. At the time of separation she was working as an electrician earning a nice amount of money, after the separation she has worked at a couple of part-time jobs claiming that she is ill with lupus. Her doctor has written a note for the court stating that she probably does not have lupus, but will need furthur evaluation. Also, while they were separated my husband was in the military for 9 months in which time she was living with one of her other ex husbands (she’s been divorced 4 times), and she went to the doctor’s for a pregnancy test. She told the judge in court that the pregnancy test was to prove that she wasn’t sexually permiscuous! Also, at one time she had claimed to have 5 degrees from colleges, we can verify at least two business degrees, one just recently earned. She has been after alimony for 5 years, but each time a court date is set she and her lawyer cancel it. Our lawyer believes that she has little to no chance of alimony, what do you think? Thanks. By the way, my husband makes less than 20,000/year.