I certainly understand your frustration. You may want to ask your attorney to file a motion to recoup some of your attorney


My exhusband was “terminated” from his job recently. He is trying to end his obligation to pay alimony based on substantial change in curcumstances. He has three degrees and even in these difficult economic times, he should not have any problem in gaining excellent employment opportunities. My attorney says it is likely a judge would order the alimony to stop due to his job loss. Since the award in alimony, he has consistently increased his financial obligations by choice (change of residence, remarriage, lifestyle), knowing what his obligations were. Why would a judge alter or eliminate an award of alimony. The alimony was awarded for a six years and he still has two years left on his alimony obligation. I have spent a lot of money in attorney fees since my separation and divorce, not by choice but because I have had to defend myself against his constant filings. I have pretty much used all of my alimony to pay attorney fees and I have to count this as income for tax purposes and he gets to receive a deduction. The alimony was supposed to help me and my children start over but so far it just has not happened. I am very frustrated!