Unemployment & New Spouse Responsibility


My husband was an executive and lost his job a year ago. Although he received a severance package for one year and has been interviewing like crazy, the only thing that has panned out was a contract assignment that will end very soon. Should his current employer not offer him a permanent position, we will be left with just my income. My husband’s ex-wife has been receiving a very large alimony payment, along with a sizable child support payment, and has not worked since their divorce 3 years ago. During this past year, because we still had his income, we were able to make every payment. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t secure something quickly, we will be unable to make these payments. I have a few questions here…can his ex-wife require us to use savings, 401k and money that I brought into our accounts to pay? Can we take her back to court (their initial divorce agreement went through mediation) to reduce the alimony? I’m almost positive that she can not come after me for payments, however I am curious to see what we are expected to do. We already sold one car and have the house on the market. Any help is very much appreciated.


If the alimony is contained in a court order your Husband should file a motion to modify the amount if he can no longer pay, same goes for child support. She cannot come after your income for either alimony or child support.