My wife and I were married for 2 yrs. I make about 2.5 times more than she does. She is more educated, mine is all Commission. My salary is 25k per year.The rest is strictly commission. I work in the building industry, right now, commissions are terrible. When we split, I offered to give her everything, all the material belongings, furniture, TV, silverware. I also offered to pay first months rent, and security deposit for a new place. I offered to pay all homeowners dues, keep her on my car insurance, and pay the Furniture payment every month. I offered to switch car payments, mine is lower, and offered to live in our home until it sold, paying all expenses. She turned all of it down.I have a daughter from a previous marriage that I support, I pay all expenses for her, with the exception of weekly groceries. Literally every expense, right down to giving her mother a credit card for medical bills, clothes, and the like.

Two months into the separation, I learn they are seeking 900 a month in alimony. I already pay her homeowners dues, her car insurance, and the furniture bill. I also cook and take her dinner when she needs it. I told her before we split, she could not afford the house, she still declined me. I offered the world, and she turned me down.

What do I do? I have no desire to go to court, but she is leaving me little alternative. I am not willing to cut back on supporting my daughter, and myself, to ensure she lives that life. Please tell me there is something I can do…

You do not have to agree to pay $900.00 per month in alimony. Alimony is based on the reasonable demonstrated need of the dependant spouse, and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay after accounting for his or her reasonable expenses. I would suggest you create a financial affidavit which shows your income and expenses in order to effectively negotiate the issue.