Am I eligible file for annulment

Hi ,

I am a Foreigner married a U.S citizen, he is a NC resident over 6month. I am in the process waiting for getting the green card, but haven’t get yet.

We married at March , but after married we both not happy want to device.

Since I’m not a U.S citizen, also we married such a short period only 2month, are we eligible file for an annulment ?

Thanks !

There are limited circumstances that allow for one to get an annulment in North Carolina. Here are the circumstances in which you may be granted an annulment:

  1. Marriages between family members
  2. If one party is under age
  3. If one party is impotent
  4. If one party lacks the mental capacity to understand what marriage entails
  5. If one party commits marriage under a false pretense

For more details on this topic, read our article on annulments. If one of those five situations applies to your first marriage, you may be able to get an annulment.