Answering an absolute divorce request


Two days ago I received a letter saying my husband (who I’ve been separated from for 14 months) had filed paperwork for an absolute divorce. I understand that I have 30 to file for alimony, but my concern is for child custody, which has not been established. He is only allowed to have supervised visits (CPS). He pays very little in child support, but will be a veterinarian is just a few months. I need to know if there needs to be something stated in the divorce decree that establishes child custody and also that if and when his income increases what I need to do with regards to that. If these matters can be handled after the 30 day period that is fine, but I still have no idea what paperwork to file and where to file it.


Child custody and support are not affected by the absolute divorce and can be determined and/or modified throughout the period of the child’s minority.