Absolute Divorce

I have watched your online video and read about absolute divorce but am confused on the issue of how child support and alimony are determined through this process. Does the judge determine that? Also, what if the spouse that is served does not respond by the deadline?
Thank you.

Absolute divorce has nothing to do with child support and alimony. Absolute divorce is simply the process of changing your legal status from married to divorced. You may want to consider attending one of our free Divorce Webinars. They are about 45 minutes long and discuss all divorce related matters: child support, custody, equitable distribution, alimony, and absolute divorce.

If your question about service is in regards to serving your spouse with a complaint for absolute divorce, then the following language from our DIY Divorce eBook should answer your question. “Usually, defendants in divorce actions file no Answer because an answer is not necessary if the defendant does not contest the divorce and does not wish to resume a maiden name. In such a case where no answer is fled, you can just wait out the waiting period for calendaring the case for hearing. At the expiration of the applicable waiting period, you may calendar your divorce for hearing. Once thirty (30) days has passed from the date Defendant was served, you may file a motion for Summary Judgment or schedule the hearing for a live testimony divorce.”