Any legal way to cash checks?

Contact the IRS and explain this situation to them. They can tell you what you might be able to do or what they can do about the first checks being cashed with forged signature.

thanks for the reply. i called them a few days ago and they were the ones who told me that it was a civil matter and i would have to settle it in court. they also didn’t seem very helpful with the whole forged check thing. i even talked to a detective here about it and he said that it ‘wasn’t something that they would pursue’.

Me and my husband filed a joint tax return. I told him I wanted a divorce before we got our return back. He ended up cashing the first federal and state checks himself, forging my name to both of them. The second checks have come in and I have no way to sign them, since they have both of our names on them. I was told it was a civil matter, and I would have to take him to court, which is impossible since I was just told that he left Florida and now I have no idea where he is. No bank here will cash them with just my signature will they?