Forgery, forgery and more forgery


Prior to our separation, I recieved a paycheck for $2000. She claimed it had been lost. Within days after our separation, she mysteriouly found the missing check, endorsed it with my signature and deposited it into a joint bank account. Then she closed the account and took the money with her. Is this a criminal offense? or is it just a line item in the ED trial.

As recently as two months ago, she did the same thing again. I agreed to let her re-finance the house in her name and signed a Quit CLaim deed. When she re-financed the house, the mortgage company sent us (both her and I) and ESCROW check in the amt of $1231. But, of course it was sent to her address. According to the bank, it requires two signatures to be cashed - which it was on Sept 10th of this year. I just found out about this today. It was not listed in her Inventory Affadavit nor was I ever informed about the existance of this check. I found out only because I contaced the Mortgage company to check on another matter. My Inventory affadavit is completed now as well. Is this a criminal act? How can I recover this money. HELP!!!

Derrick Stamey