Separated from wife and she cashed/deposited checks


My wife and I were separated and at the time and she deposited (joint account at that time)/cashed several checks made out to me totally about 15k. This was discovered AFTER settlement agreement. Is it illegal for her to have cashed/deposited these checks. I did not give her permission to do so and she forged my signature. Is this legal actions that can be taken against her?



If she forged your signature to cash checks you may have an action against her.


Thanks. Would it call into question the settlement if I discovered this after that settlement was signed?


I am still of the opinion that a court would find you had the burden to do due diligence in investigating assets prior to settlement.


Thanks. Isn’t that something that one hires an atty to assist w/??? My atty never went through the discover process and thus this was not known until afterwards. I had relied heavily on the advise on my atty and the honestness of my ex in the process, both of which appear to have been errors on my part. Regardless, forging my checks.


I Yes, I certainly would have wanted to see bank statements, ect before advising you to sign anything.