AOA/CC Mediation Question

What exactly am I to expect in this mediation? Are we going to be in the same room as my ex? My ex is suing my current boyfriend (bogus suit … can’t pay court ordered child support but can pay his atty and mediator for this BS suit). My boyfriend is bringing myself and my Dad as a witness regarding the REAL demise of the marriage (abuse, neglect, affair, etc.). What are we to expect? I can guarantee that we won’t be in there long because there is nothing to “work out”. Either the suit gets dropped or we go to court. It’s as simple as that because we are giving him NOTHING. We just would like to know what to expect and what we should bring with us. Thanks.

I cannot say for sure if you will be in the same room or not, most of the mediations I have done the parties are in separate rooms with the mediator going back and forth, though I have attended some where all the parties convened in the same room. It really depends on the parties’ preference. The mediator will not hear testimony, or evidence, but rather will try and help you reach a resolution by talking with the parties involved.