After waiting for 8 months, our mediation is scheduled for next week. Can you give me an overview of what to expect and who is in control during a mediation? This is a 28 year marriage and I am a dependent spouse with several health issues. My husband’s attorney’s strategy has always been that his business is failing and there is no money left at the end of the month to share with me. My husand makes a hefty salary from the business and also makes about $50,000 a year in retirement pension.

Mediation is actually pretty laid back. You and your lawyer will be in one room and your husband and his lawyer in another. The mediator will travel back and forth between rooms relaying each side’s offers and counteroffers throughout the day.
Really the parties are in control of the mediation, and the attorneys help with strategy and crafting the specifics of responses and offers. You will be making the final decisions and you will not be forced to accept a deal you feel is unfair.

I was under the impression that we would ALL be in the same room and for me that would have been very stressful and emotional. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Often times everyone begins in the same room for a brief overview by the mediator, but you may request to remain separate through the entire process.

I can understand starting out together but my husband verbally abused me and basically abandoned me and I don’t think I am strong enough with the current health issues that I have, to spend more than a few min. in the same room with him. I sent you a private message too.