Appointment of a parenting coordinator


I wanted to know where the form is to request a parenting coordinator be appointed. I have gotten so extremely tired of dad’s antics that I feel this will be a great help.


Upon motion of either party the court can appoint a PC if it finds that the appointment of the parenting coordinator is in the best interests of any minor child in the case, and that the parties are able to pay for the cost of the parenting coordinator. There is no form for this. It’s a motion you file with the court.


Can I use your self help portion of your site to draft the motion? Or is it better to get an attorney to do it?


There is no template per se, but we do have several sample motions and other documents available as part of our DIY service. You likely will not need an attorney to do this for you if you do not already have one. You can present this yourself and explain to the judge when the motion is heard why you believe a parenting coordinator is necessary in your case.