Asking the unemployed for child support

If you were a stay at home mother, agreed with the father, for many years (unmarried but longterm relationship) and he takes kids, asks for retroactive child support, and you’re unemployed due to the previous agreed upon arrangement AND a terrible job market, what can he reasonably expect to get? Also, he is asking for attorneys fees, saying he’s too poor to pay them.

What is happening with judges and CS with the unemployed? This man also has one child in a private school that costs approx $30K a year. I’m broke, as in had to apply for foodstamps, that bad.

We had this arrangement for years. Suddenly he takes both children. I have not been able to find a job and have gone through all of my savings.

Will they impute minimum wage on me? Even that is way out of my league right now .

Also this has not been set on calendar but a hearing for custody, which I expect to prevail in, will be in January. Would it be heard then? No papers asking for date, nothing of the sort.

Very confused on this, thanks for your help.

If you have no income and are not intentionally depressing the same, no support will be ordered.
The hearing will be on the date and time listed on the notice you will receive.