Assistance with AOC-CV-600 Modification of Child Support

My ex-wife is eventually moving to the same city that I am in now. I now have my son primarily. We have decided to terminate the child support order she took out on me since I will have in primarily and I don’t want to seek an support from her. I’m filing out a AOC-CV-600 [available] and have some questions…

-In the defendants box, my ex-wife has changed her name due to being re-married. What syntax do I use for her name in the defendant’s box? Jane Doe (formerly Jane Smith) ?

-In the “Circumstances have changed as follows” box that describes what caused this motion to be heard, what is typically allowed here? I placed “Father has child more than 70% of the time and is enrolled in full time daycare in [ father’s residence city name ].” Could this be something else as simple as “Both parents agree to drop the child support order” ?

  • What is the difference between the “Terminated” and “Suspended” box?


Yes, Jane Doe FNA Jane Smith is fine.
The circumstances that have changed would be the child’s custodial schedule and living arrangement.
Terminated means the child has aged out, you are suspending support indefinitely at this point.