Attny "fired" my husband?


My husband hired an atty (in the county from which his ex filed for more child support). The (young, yet partnered) atty worked with him for nearly one year. His firm was referred to us by a reputable firm here (no offense)in Charlotte since the ex lives and therefore filed in her county.

Over the weekend the attny. sent an email our home to cite that he will discontinue services with my husband (who, btw, did nothing wrong to him whatsoever, but point out/questioned an important fact about the opposing counsil.) IMO, just another unprofessional (and mean) tactic.

Just a quick backdrop: His attny went to court just this past week concerning this legal matter with the ex. Things actually seemed to be going in my husband’s favor. (My husband did not have to go). In fact, (per the attny’s “wishes”), he wanted this to go back to the courts here, since they divorced here. In short, this was to be returned to court at another time to “redecide”. (?!?!)

My husband (and I) were on pins and needles the entire day. Not only was the ex wanting more money, but a lot of money in arreages that were totally ludacrious. The attny. did not all that day (the court was at 9AM) NOR the next day.

I work at home with my 2 children, so I left the attny. a message to please call either of us asap. I was firm (yet certainly not mean)!

Question is, does my husband have any grounds to complain to the board about this attny for “dismissing” him like this? Honestly, if anything, my husband was overly nice to him. I, on the otherhand, left one firm message with him and 1 “nice” message with him to simply ask him a quesion regarding the oppposing counsil.

In a prior email (shortly before he dismissed my husband) he very curtly told him that I am not his client, and he was very condescending of me (I’d never met him, spoke to him, etc.). I could not believe what I read. He was very unprofessional, judgemental (?) and mean!

On the otherhand, I was invited to attend the consultation and meetings with our local attny., AND spoke with him more so than my husband (as his then-job made it difficult from making private calls).

Went off on a tangent there, sorry.

PLEASE respond. Just a simple yes or no will suffice. If yes, we do have reason to “act” towards him for dropping us (given the reason?) what do we do? Contact the Bar?

Thank you in advance for your reply.