Attorney billing for a review ordered by the Judge

You may remember that my attorney agreed to verbiage in a motion regarding child support and arrears without consulting me. I am the CP father who registered another states order here in NC where both I and NCP live.
As soon as I was provided the draft I immediately protested and demanded the order be corrected ( it said my Ex wife did not owe arrears when she does).
My lawyer sent a email to the Judge saying that lawyer agreed before speaking with me and that I have an issue with the language.

Here is my problem / question:
The Judge ordered both attorneys ( after he had signed and entered the order in question) to review the transcript and make any changes if need be.
My attorney has now billed me 3 hours for this.
I feel that since this was an order from the Judge to the attorneys that I should not be billed and IF there is any billing it ought to be very minimal at best.
Please advise ?

I would suggest you discuss this issue with your lawyer, and if you feel it necessary, may consider initiating a fee dispute with the state bar.

OK. Can you give me some insight as to what a reasonable attorney would do in this situation and what you feel might be reasonable ?

This issue is beyond the scope of this forum, and I cannot say what any attorney would do in a specific case.