Attorney objects to judge's ruling

I had to go to court for a show cause in which my ex was trying to get me charged with contempt of the custody order. The judge did not charge me with contempt. My ex’s attorney kept arguing with her and trying to get her to charge me to which she repeatedly said she was not going to charge me with contempt based on the circumstances of the case. My ex’s attorney became very frustrated and said that she objected to the ruling to which the judge told the clerk to make sure her objection was noted. What does that mean? Will we have to go back to court or is it just noted on the record that attorney objected to ruling? She also is still wanting to submit affidavit for attorney fees. The judge said that she may submit her request for attorney fees. Since I was not charged with contempt, will I still be asked to pay attorney fees?

It means the objection is noted on the record, it does not cause an new hearing to occur, it is just noted. If you were not held in contempt the judge will not likely order you to pay fees.