Refuse to pay legal fees?


If a judge decides or orders you to do anything, and you refuse, you are in contempt of court and the penalties for that could range anywhere from an increased fine to jail time to wage garnishment. End result though, the state will get their way.


You will only be held in contempt for failure to pay if you lack the ability to pay and still do not pay. It is not uncommon for a party to have a judgment for attorney fees entered against them as required by statute only to be unable to pay it. This is sometimes incredibly frustrating to the spouse that is owed the money.

Same logic applies to spousal support - although it is fairly unusual for the court to enter an alimony award which the supporting spouse is unable to pay. The difficulty sometimes arises when a spouse becomes unemployed after the alimony award is entered.

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What if the judge decides that I should pay my spouse’s legal fees, but I do no pay them - is there a consequence? For that matter, is there a consequence for not paying spousal support?