Contempt/ alimony

Will I have to pay her lawyer fees and court fees if I do not pay alimony? That’s if she takes me back to court for failure to pay. I want to say thank you for answering all my questions you’ve been very helpful. Also. You had mentioned jail time for failure to pay, is that often. I see a lot of people who don’t pay and have normal lives. No garnishment as well. Does she have to pay her lawyer herself after divorce for breach of contract?

If the dependant spouse is forced to go to court to enforce payment of alimony it is highly likely that the court will award attorney’s fees to a dependant spouse who seeks them.

Jail time for failure to pay is not infrequent when payments are pursuant to a court order.

If the Agreement has a provision for attorney’s fees in the event of breach normally the party who wins will be reimbursed for attorney’s fees.