Do I have to pay his attorney fees?

I went to a lawyer to get help with filing the initial paperwork for post separation support, ED and alimony. My husband in turn hired an attorney and filed for divorce. I answered the divorce pending post separation support, ED and alimony. Since then we have been to court for the divorce in Wake County which I did not contest and everything else is pending in Granville County.

When I received the summons from his lawyer I contacted the attorney that I met with. She told me that I really needed a lawyer and that I should not pay my mortgage and so that I can afford to pay her. I found that to be really bad advise. I do not have any money to hire an attorney. I went to court in Granville County without a lawyer and got scolded by the judge because I didn’t have a lawyer and the judge told me that he could make me pay my ex’s lawyer for causing him to hire one. He told me that I need to hire a lawyer and set a date for a month from then which is coming up very soon. I still do not have money for a lawyer. I shook that tree in the back yard really hard and still no money fell out!!!

Since then I have gotten a letter from his lawyer saying that I am paying her fees. Can I be forced to pay his attorney’s fees?

There are provisions in our statutes that allow for the court to order the award of attorney’s fees in child support and child custody cases, and attorney’s fees in alimony cases. Whether attorney’s fees are awarded is at the discretion of the judge.

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You might need to take out a loan for an attorney or an advance on your CC … Now that your going into the support & ED, His attorney will try to maneuver you into a corner since you have no representation. Rosen Online offers advice & forms for $199 a month. Its a start, and something to guide you professionally & legally.
As for your letter from the other attorney, You have to pay the attorney fees ONLY if a judge ordered it. Did this attorney send you any paperwork indicating this was ordered by a judge? Careful of attorneys that bully you with legal language you don’t understand.