Court costs of post separation support

The fees you will pay will vary depending on the attorney you choose. If you have an attorney I would check the fee contract you have with that attorney. Generally, if you are awarded post separation support and you do not have access to funds to pay for your litigation your spouse will be ordered to pay attorney’s fees.

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My lawyer had to file for post separation support as my husband was not paying what he should for me to maintain our house and 4 children. No settlement could be reached. We had the hearing for post separation support last month and in a few years we go back to the court for child support/child custody/visitation. I am a stay at home mom with currently no income. Husband makes in excess of 300K so children have enjoyed a high standard of living. My atty asked that atty fees be made by defendent as I do not have the means. Will that cover court costs? How often do the judges award that atty fees be paid to the plaintiff? Now having to go back to court twice, what kind of fees am I looking at?